Shocking nursing home abuse caught on camera

WINTER HAVEN, Florida (WFLA) – A hidden camera placed inside a patient’s room at a Winter Haven, Florida nursing home captured images that have two employees facing criminal charges.

It shows an employee rubbing her hand down a 76-year-old Alzheimer’s patient’s face, making punching motions, threatening to hit him.

Later, the camera captures an employee stepping back and lunging toward the man, throwing his legs to one side and grabbing his wrists as he struggles to pull away, making him hit himself in the face and keeping him from sitting up and holding his legs down.

Then an employee acting like she’s going to slap him, he tried to shield himself, she slaps him with her other hand then runs away.

The man’s son spotted bruises, so he hid a camera.

“I am so sorry for what he had to endure here. I said I had no idea what was happening to you. I said, I know there were people in here being mean to you, they can’t be mean to you anymore, they’re gone, I promise,” said Dale Wilson

At Privacy Electronics in Pinellas Park, Ian Robinson displays an array of cameras that can easily be hidden.

Some “nanny cams” record all the time, others wait for a motion trigger. People hide them for all kinds of reasons.

“Between elderly parents, I expect my nanny, she’s abusing my kids, you have a wide spectrum of what these can be used for,” said Robinson.

A Stetson University School of law professor, tells 8 On Your Side, a relative or guardian is allowed to place a camera in an elderly relative’s room but Prof. Adam Levine warns, you cannot record sound.

“As long as they’re giving permission or their guardian is giving permission, they can do anything they’d like and recording of video is completely reasonable,” said Professor Levine.

They’re tiny, but so powerful at collecting evidence.

“If you’re doing something wrong, you’re most likely gonna be caught,” said Ian Robinson.

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