Witnesses describe plane crash

WICHITA, Kansas – While KSN does not have video footage of the plane crashing into the FlightSafety International Building near Mid-Continent Airport, witness have shared their experiences. From what we’ve heard from them, this is something that people who witnessed the aftermath of this crash will not be able to forget.

Lana Johnson was at the airport post office and she could not believe what she would see next.

“… and I heard a muffled crash,” said Johnson. “I came back out, and I could see smoke coming up from around the side of the building.”

KSN spoke with a woman who works near the FlightSafety International Building. She did not want to be shown on camera but described the unreal scene after the Beechcraft King aircraft en route to Arkansas crashed just minutes after takeoff.

“When I went by the first time, it just looked like the front of the building was cracked and had a big crack in it, and then coming through after, there’s a big hole, and you can see inside the building,” said the woman. “You couldn’t smell anything, you could just see what was going on and so I waited when all the emergency vehicles started coming.”

Witnesses said they are still in shock over what happened.

Fire officials were concerned about the structural integrity of the front wall of the building could give way.

Firefighters were still on scene Thursday evening, but at a safe distance until removal equipment arrives.

Fire officials said they may not get that heavy removal equipment until tomorrow and continuing to monitor the front wall of the building.

KSN’s Brittany Glas spoke with a witness that was on the roof of a nearby building but did not want to be identified.

“I was standing on the roof at the post office and as I looked up, I saw a plane coming in really low at a bank and it has [it’s] nose down. It wasn’t too high off the other roofs. It was probably less than a half-mile from here.”

“I watched it pull its nose back up and it finished turning and it looked like it landed straight on top of that roof. And immediately, it burst into flames.”

“I couldn’t believe it. A few more seconds flight time and it would have been right on the roof I was on.”

“I thought he was trying to land on the grassy area back here.”

“The report said the engine wasn’t working. I can’t confirm that. I can say the engine on the right was working but didn’t notice the other engine.”

Brittany: Working here, you obviously see planes come and go all the time. Did you have any indication that something was wrong?

“I knew it was in the wrong place, the wrong time and it was way, way too low.”

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