Family pays tribute to Royals with a special name

Royals Finnegan baby
Royals Finnegan baby

KANSAS CITY – During this remarkable run, Royals fans have found countless ways to commemorate their return to the playoffs.

Maybe it’s a crown in their yard, or perhaps shoe polish in their back window.

But one growing Kansas City family took it a step further than that; their tribute to the boys in blue will be with them for years to come.

“I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, what if I never saw the Royals go to the playoffs, what if I never saw them in the World Series,” said Doug Cowan.

Doug Cowan was five the last time the Royals reached the fall classic.

Although he has no memories, only memorabilia from their ‘85 World Championship, their return to relevance has been pretty special for Doug.

“It was extremely emotional because you invest so much in these teams, and especially a team like the Royals that has had a tough last 25 plus years.”

But Doug told his wife Katie that this year would be different.

“Through my pregnancy, not being able to do much, we have both enjoyed watching the games together and getting my 3-year-old involved.”

It was the morning of Game One when this little one finally came calling.

“She started her labor at about 5:30 in the morning and from that point on she was on the countdown.”

Their new addition seemed to understand, and he showed up a minute past five, two hours prior to first pitch.

In this season of Royals, he needed a name befitting a prince.

“They named him Finnegan, what do you make of that? That’s pretty cool, I mean, I don’t know what to think about that… that’s awesome!” said Royals pitcher Brandon Finnegan.

It’s a nod to rookie reliever Brandon Finnegan who’s been instrumental in this memorable run.

“I hope he’s a healthy baby and has a great life,” said Brandon Finnegan.

Doug thought it would get no better than seeing his boyhood team back in the playoffs, only to learn the best part would be sharing it with his boys.

“I got to sit at the hospital with both my boys on my lap, watching the baseball game and they’ll probably cast it aside, but for me it’s something I’ll never, ever forget,” said Doug.

The Cowans have always had strong ties to the community, their first son is named Truman after President Harry S. Truman who made his home in their hometown of Independence, Missouri.

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