Students test the Kansas assessment test

WICHITA, Kansas –  Tuesday was break KITE (Kansas Interactive Testing Engine) day.  Students took a practice assessment to try and overload the system which caused the same glitches that occurred last spring.

After those issues, individualized reports were not given to students or teachers.

“There were a lot of technical glitches, a lot of issues with bandwidth, and we really ended up not being able to let all the kids take the assessment. As a result of that, we did not get test results or feedback on their performance,” said Jennifer Armstrong, Robinson Middle School.

Back in the classroom Tuesday, a new approach. Across the state, students are trying to break KITE and overload the system with their tests.

Officials with the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation hope the test will simulate the load the system would have to deal with next spring.

“I will come over and verify that all of your questions have been answered.”

The glitches were almost non-existent, and assessment coordinators at the local schools say the practice test should help solve the problems before they start again.

“Exactly what it sounds like, the intention is they want to have as many schools, districts, kids on the computers taking this practice assessment at the same time so they can make sure that it works ,” said Armstrong.

The results of the practice testing will be made available on Wednesday.



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