Senate race in Kansas nearly tied in latest KSN News Poll

KSN News Poll results for October 28, 2014

WICHITA, Kansas – With one week until the election, the race for U.S. Senate in Kansas has national attention because the entire Senate could be up for grabs.

The latest KSN News Poll, conducted by SurveyUSA exclusively for KSN-TV, released Tuesday shows Independent Greg Orman and Republican Senator Pat Roberts nearly tied.

Orman has a slight lead at 44 percent to Roberts’ 42 percent.

Ten percent of the voters (including 21 percent of younger voters) remain undecided. That is up from 7 percent in the KSN News Poll conducted just three weeks ago.

The margin of error is +/- 4.0 percent.

Since the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that Democrat Chad Taylor’s name could be removed from the ballot, KSN News has polled the Senate contest twice. Three weeks ago, KSN’s poll showed Orman led by 5 percent and today, by 2 points.

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Roberts holds 67 percent of the Republican base. However, 23 percent of Republicans break ranks and vote for the Independent Greg Orman. Orman gets 74 percent of the Democratic vote and 48 percent of the Independent vote. Orman is backed by 60 percent of moderates and 84 percent of Kansas’ few liberals. Roberts holds 79 percent of the conservative base.

Of the 623 likely and actual voters in Kansas polled by SurveyUSA from 10/22/14 through 10/26/14, voters say that jobs are the most important issue in the U.S. Senate contest. When it comes to jobs, Orman leads Roberts by 25 percent. Among voters who are focused on health care, Roberts leads Orman 60 percent to 29 percent. Finally, among voters who are focused on immigration, Roberts leads Orman by 69 percent to Ormans’ 26 percent.

In greater Wichita, Roberts leads by 4 percent. In greater Topeka, Roberts leads by 6 points. In greater Kansas City, however, Orman leads by 14 percent.

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The Methodology
SurveyUSA interviewed 800 Kansas adults from 10/22/14 through 10/26/14. Of the adults, 680 were registered to vote. Of those registered, 623 were determined by SurveyUSA to have either already returned a ballot or to be likely to do so before the 11/04/14 deadline.