Political dart board offends voters at polling place

HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) – Politics have become divisive, ugly, and many would agree downright nasty over recent years, but some say what happened at a polling place in League City, Texas this weekend crossed a line.

“I thought of just one word,” says League City resident Edward Cantu. “Classless.”

Cantu was at the North Galveston County Annex Building on Saturday when he noticed a dart throwing contest in the parking lot.

The Young Republicans of Galveston County were letting people throw darts at pictures of President Barack Obama, State Senator Wendy Davis, and Judge Susan Criss, all Democrats. If you hit the target you received a free hot dog. They even invited people to attend on their Facebook page.

“You don’t do that to people,” says Cantu. “It sounded like they’re still juvenile, like they’re in junior high or elementary. That’s not the act of mature people. When you have to resort to that kind of classless act I think that doesn’t bode well or say well of who or what you represent”

A member of the Criss campaign used cellphone video and sent someone over to take part as proof of the contest.

But there was no need for coercion. The Young Republicans readily admiited to and apologized for organizing the contest. In a statement to Local 2 the group’s president says “We understand that people have been upset by our event this past weekend. We certainly intended no malice and do apologize to anyone who took offense, including Susan Criss. We do hope that she can accept our apology.”

The Galveston County clerk says the group was within its rights to sponsor the dart-throwing contest because they were at least 100 feet away from the polling entrance.

Susan Criss is running for the open seat in House District 23. Her opponent Wayne Faircloth referred to the contest as a stunt and said his campaign had no involvement in it and certainly didn’t condone that type of behavior.

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