Former Wichita State player serves as Royals bullpen catcher

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Among Cody Clark’s duties with the Royals is throwing batting practice, but his number one responsibility is getting this dynamic group of relievers ready to enter the game.

Clark spent six years playing Minor League ball in the Royals organization.

“I get to be here experiencing this (World Series) and just get a great seat to watch these games. It’s incredible,” said Cody Clark, Royals bullpen catcher.

His one and only trip to the Big Leagues came last year in Houston when it looked like he might tagged a career Minor Leaguer. For Clark, it was a dream that finally came true.

“If I’d have made it early in my career, I probably wouldn’t have realized how big it was. But just to spend 11 years in the Minor Leagues, and then finally get the call up in August of my last year. It was amazing.”

The Arkansas transfer spent just the one year at Wichita State, but he gives a lot of credit to the Shocker staff for helping him reach his goal.

“I made a huge jump in the one year I was at WSU. I probably went from a guy that would have maybe had a chance to play pro ball after my senior year to 11th round draft pick.”

Now, it’s on to the next chapter in baseball, and one that’s allowed him to watch this team grow into one of the game’s best.

“These guys have been playing together for a long time, and everybody knows each other really well. And then you add a couple veteran guys like Ibanez and Willingham and a couple of those guys like that and it’s just a good fit for everybody.”

Cody Clark played in 16 Big League games with Astros collecting four hits.

His first Big League hit on September 13th against current Royal Jason Vargas.

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