Fans say Royals will win Game 6 of the World Series

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Fans say that the atmosphere inside Kauffman Stadium is going to be electric for Game 6 of the World Series.

“It is going to be so loud that everyone probably wishes they had earplugs,” said Kari Bearm, Royals fan.

“It is going to be a Chiefs game times two. We’re going to be crazy. It is going to be awesome,” said Chris Bear.

While die-hard Royals fans hope to be a thorn in the Giants side, they say the Royals also have another big-time advantage.

“We’re back in Kansas City. They’ve got the home field advantage, and the fans to help overtake and push them for the win,” said Bearm.

Even though the Royals fans are confident Game 6 is theirs, they all have a different take on just how exactly the boys-in-blue will come up with the big win.

Some even giving a prediction of what the score might be.

“Yordano goes six strong, bring in HDH. It is over,” said Bear.

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