K-TAG & PikePass agreement starts today

Kansas Turnpike (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Kansas K-TAG users will be able to use Oklahoma PikePass starting on Saturday to electronically pay for tolls when driving on the Kansas Turnpike or any of the ten toll roads in Oklahoma.

The move by the Kansas Turnpike Authority and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority makes regional travel easier.

K-TAG customers will be able to use the PikePass lanes in Oklahoma and PikePass will be accepted in the K-TAG lanes in Kansas.

“For the person with only one tag – a K-TAG or a PikePass – travel will be seamless,” said Marty Wiltse, KTA’s Chief Technology Officer.

Customers with both a K-TAG and a PikePass can get help in determining which program is right for their travel needs.

“We developed an interactive decision tool to help customers decide which tag is right for them,” said Rachel Bell, Marketing and Communications Director for the KTA. “The tool can be found at http://www.myktag.com/interoperability and of course, our K-TAG Customer Service Center is available by calling 1-800-USE-KTAG.”

Being interoperable with Oklahoma is part of the KTA’s overall effort to provide a simplified and positive experience for motorists choosing to travel on the Kansas Turnpike.

“Our agreement with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will make travel seamless and more efficient for interstate travelers,” said Alan Bakaitis, KTA’s Chief Operations Officer. “We hope they are as excited as we are about this change and about the future of transportation here in Kansas.”

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