“We Believe” – the story behind the yellow Royals banners

BUHLER, Kansas – The Royals Fever has taken over the state!

Four thousand bright yellow posters exclaiming “We Believe” were all over Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday night’s World Series game, the product of Gregory Inc. in Buhler.

“One of our customers has a relationship with Sprint up in Kansas City and they wanted to do something to thank fans and to give them something to wave at the games,” said John Fredricks, VP of sales and marketing at Gregory Inc.

Sprint asked for a rush order calling the company late Monday morning for a delivery on Tuesday

“We just kind of sprang into action and put our heads together to figure out what we had to do to make it happen, and in a matter of a couple hours we were on press and ready to start producing them and then it was just a continuous process all day long and into the night,” said Makr Gregory, senior VP of operations.

The machines spent over 11 hours printing on Monday and weren’t done until after midnight, so first thing Tuesday morning, one of the employees had to pack them all up and drive to Kansas City to deliver these posters to Sprint by 10a.m.

The fans aren’t the only ones enjoying the posters, there’s a banner in every office at Gregory.

“You know that’s just so fun you know 4,000 banners of this color are easy to pick out and it’s a nice message we believe, that’s what the team has said all year long and it’s nice for the fans to say the same thing,” said Gregory.

You can expect to see Royals fans bring in their “We Believe” posters from last night back into tonight’s game in Kansas City.

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