Unsung heroes: The staff who elevate Royals fans to greater heights

KANSAS CITY – Most of the concentration for the Royals has been put on the fans and the players and the excitement revolving around them for the World Series.

But it’s the people who work behind the scenes who are kind of the unsung heroes behind making sure everything runs smoothly.

Jim Dunnaway has called the K his home for a decade. For the past four years, he’s worked the Diamond Club elevators before, during and after the games.

“Mainly just taking people to the floors they’re suppose to be on, main reason they have us on the elevators is to make sure people get to the right place,” said Jim.

What makes things even more interesting about his 9-to-5 is the person who works in the elevator directly next to him, his wife of 53-years, Dora.

“We ride together and then we go home together and basically that’s it,” said Dora.

But at work, they rarely ever cross paths.

When asked if Jim ever gets see his wife at work, he responded, “No, but occasionally when I’m on break I do, other than that no.”

While it is all business for them, they say it’s the people the meet who make their job worthwhile.

“A lot of season ticket holders that go to the Crown Club and Diamond Club and just like family”

“You get to meet a lot of people, get to see a lot of season ticket holders all the time that you know you’re friends with them, you see a lot of celebrities and it’s just a great job.”

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