Royals fan cleans monument

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Shawn Arcidino is excited, like most Royals fans, that the team’s going to the World Series. He wasn’t excited about one symbol.

“Probably two to three weeks ago, and I looked over, and I was just like ‘Oh my God, this can not be the symbol of the Kansas City Royals.’ There’s no way.”

He says the paint was faded, and there were weeds and trash in the rocks.

He complained for weeks, and then decided he would ask his buddies to help him with a do it yourself project. They agreed and $81 and 35 minutes later the baseball looked brand new.

“I mean then 35 minutes it took us.” said Arcidino.

Even 5-year-old Jazmyn Jordan took the day off kindergarten to learn a lesson in Kansas City history.

“I wanted her to see how much pride there was in Kansas City and to be loyal to what we have going on in Kansas City,” said Perry Jordan, cleaned symbol.

“We painted the whole um Royal thing,” said Jazmyn.

And now this young Royals fan can say she too had a part in painting the town blue.

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