Questions arise over Wichita sales tax

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer is on a mission. It is to educate voters about the city’s proposed one-cent sales tax.

After getting lots of calls and emails with questions about the plan, the mayor, first, wanted to remind residents that everyone had an opportunity to weigh-in through their continuous outreach efforts.

He believes the plan will fund the four priorities the community is focused on.

It include maintaining the water supply, creating new jobs, improving public transportation and neighborhood street repairs.

Although the city is not allowed to campaign for votes, Mayor Brewer says it is their job to make sure voters have all the information they need.

The Wichita City Council has directed the city manager to fund sales tax educational mailers that will be mailed to 173,000 households in the city at the cost of almost $50,000.

The educational mailer will also include information about possible options and outcomes if the sales tax is not approved. It contains an easy-to-read break-down of how the money will be spent.

To summarize the Plan, the one-cent sales tax – which will expire in five years or sooner if funding needs are met – breaks down this way:
· 63 cents of every dollar collected will go toward establishing a future water supply;
· 20 cents of every dollar will help create and retain jobs; and
· 10 cents of every dollar will help improve and expand the transit bus system;
· 7 cents of every dollar will help repair neighborhood streets.

“When people go to vote on November 4th, we want them to make informed decision based on accurate, comprehensive information,” said Brewer.

If voters approve the sales tax increase, city leaders believe $400 million will be generated over the next five years.

Visit or visit the City’s Facebook and Twitter sites to learn about the plan.


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