Who is the clipboard guy near Ebola patient?

ATLANTA, Georgia (WXIA) – Video shows an unidentified man not wearing protective hazmat gear with a clipboard, escorting Dallas nurse Amber Vinson as she boarded a plane in Texas.

He does not appear to be touching Vinson in the video clip, which is why he is not wearing gear.

The CDC said the man is a member of the Phoenix Air crew who is trained to help out in these types of situations. Because Vinson is wearing protective gear and he is having no direct contact with her, he is not in any danger.

Vinson was transferred to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital on Wednesday for treatment after being diagnosed with Ebola. The 29-year-old identified as the second Texas hospital worker to test positive for Ebola, lived alone in a quiet neighborhood.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Vinson had been monitoring herself for symptoms when she reported to the hospital with a low-grade fever Tuesday. She was immediately placed in an isolation unit, then tested positive for the killer virus.

Folks on Twitter have taken to calling the man “clipboard dude,” asking why he is in plain clothes and not a hazmat suit.

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