One child helps homeless kids get a better night’s sleep

WICHITA, Kansas – Leah Kuwahara likes to do a lot of things like color, gymnastics, even pageants; but there’s another hidden gem to this pretty princess. Leah wants to help the homeless, specifically kids.

“I’m trying to help little kids so they’re not scared at night so they won’t be scared going place to place,” said Leah.

She’s doing this all through Project Night Night, a non-profit that distributes bedtime packages to homeless children as old as ten across the US.

“For her to see what a change it could make in others will change her life,” said Sarah, Leah’s mother.

To paint a better picture, the U.S. Department of Education has recorded nearly 1.3 million homeless children and teens enrolled in public schools last year.

In Wichita, public schools reported more than 2,200 last year.

“I think it’s terrific that a 7-year-old child wants to help other children. That is just rare,” said Anne Corriston with Inter-Faith Ministries.

From making blankets to collecting books, and stuffed animals, she’s put together six bags so far, but has a goal to create at least 50 that will all be donated to Inter-Faith Ministries, who have catered to up to 65 kids at a year’s time.

“This is going to be a great joy to them to have a bag specially made a blanket a brand new stuffed animal and a brand new book that’s going to bring a lot of smiles to the children who stay out shelter,” said Corriston. “Just making a small difference in the community and making a mark makes a world of a difference even if it its small.”

If you would like to help Leah, you can drop off any of these items at Inter-Faith Ministries (map is below).

  • Blankets
  • Age appropriate books (ages 6mo-10-years-old)
  • New stuffed animals

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