Greg Orman fiercely defends ‘Independent’ status

Greg Orman (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

WICHITA, Kansas – As the election gets closer, we’re taking a closer look at all the candidates and the different factors that could influence the election.

Yesterday, we told you about the massive amount of outside money that’s pouring into this year’s races through different PACs and superPACs, which by law, are not affiliated with the actual candidates, who have spent more than $6 million dollars so far in the senate race alone this season.

Today, we’re looking into how the actual campaigns are raising their money.

Greg Orman is maintaining his independent status today, after a major democratic donor just hosted a fundraiser for him this week.

Pat Roberts has wasted no time in getting his message out, in fact he’s been saying it all along that Orman is no independent.

But the Orman camp today says, no way.

For months, independent candidate Greg Orman has been running as an independent.

“Is Washington working? If you think that it is, I’m not your guy,” a statement made by Orman during KSN’s Senatorial Debate hosted on Wednesday.

But Republican incumbent Pat Roberts went on the offensive at the end of the debate, saying Orman was getting a big-time fundraiser from members of the wealthy Soros family, who are well-known democratic supporters out of New York.

“Now, about this time [Thursday] night, my opponent is going to have dinner in New York. At a $5,000 a plate fundraiser with George, well, not with George, but with the Soros family,” said Roberts in his closing statement during the KSN Senatorial Debate.

Roberts is not alone in asking about the fundraiser. Websites across the country like the Washington Free Beacon are showing off invites, more than $5,000 a plate to raise money for Greg Orman.

As for the Roberts for senate campaign, they offered a statement saying that Greg Orman and his liberal friends in New York are out of touch with Kansas.

Still, the Orman camp maintains that Greg Orman doesn’t necessarily like either party, and prefers to stay independent, regardless of who is raising money to help him get votes in the Kansas senate race.

“It’s an opportunity for Kansans to send a message to both parties. that if we don’t roll up your sleeves, start solving problems, we will find people who will,” said Greg Orman during his closing statement during the debate.

In way of response, the Greg Orman team told KSN’s Craig Andres that Orman remains independent, and they point to Orman being endorsed by 70 former GOP lawmakers, and former state GOP chair, Rochelle Chronister.

When we asked about the details of the fundraiser in New York, the Orman team did not confirm if Greg Orman was in New York for the fundraiser, nor confirm the amount raised by the fundraiser at this time. The only thing the Orman team confirmed is that it is a fundraiser on his behalf.

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