KSDebate – Closing remarks

Darren Dedo, KSN: We have come to the point of the debate where we are going to do our closing remarks. We’re going to start with Mr. Orman. The floor is yours, sir.

Greg Orman (I): Thank you. And thank you to KSN and all the sponsors for having us here tonight and everyone at home who took the time to listen. And thank you to my wife, Sybil and my family for their continued love and support.

I think the question we have in front of us tonight is a simple one. Is washington working? If you think that it is, I’m not your guy. But I believe that the system is broken. And I believe that sending a senator back to Washington who has been there as part of that broken system for 47 years isn’t the answer. I am asking Kansans to join me tonight and sending a message to Washington that the status quo is no longer acceptable and Kansans deserve better. We’re the country who put a man on the moon, who figured out how to harness the power of the atom, that took computers that used to fill a room and put them on the head of a pen. I believe that country and those people can solve any problem if they put their minds together and work together. But we won’t get there if we keep electing bitter partisans instead of problem solvers.

Change can be scary, but what frightens me is more of the same. What frightens me is two parties who seem more interested in seeing the other party fail than seeing our country succeed. This election is an opportunity for Kansans to send a message to partisans of both parties that, if you don’t roll up your sleeves, start solving problems, we will find people who will. It’s an opportunity for us to send a message to the nation about what’s right with Kansas. I’m asking for your vote on November 4th to send this historic message and help us get Washington back into the business of solving problems for every American.

Darren Dedo, KSN: Thank you sir. Senator Roberts?

Pat Roberts (R): Thank you again KSN. President Obama said about a week ago that this election was about a referendum on his policies, his program and his agenda — his legacy, if you will — and that is certainly true. There is only one way that we are going to stop the Obama-Reid agenda and that is to elect a Republican majority. Many different leaders across our party have come to my assistance and endorsed me. Not because it’s me. This is about so much more than me. This is the future of the country. And they have endorsed me because they know that I will vote for a Republican majority, end the dictatorship and the gridlock by Harry Reid and stop the Obama-Reid agenda.

About this time tomorrow night, my opponent is going to have dinner in New York at a $5,000 a plate fundraiser with the George Soros family. And going with him is an endorsement by the AFL-CIO. So, waving the AFL-CIO banner and going to a Soros fundraiser. I have never known the Soros family to endorse independents. They endorse liberal Democrats. And so does the AFL-CIO.

Darren Dedo, KSN: Thank you Senator Roberts. Thank you Mr. Orman, thank you to Senator Roberts. Thanks to our panel — Craig Andres from KSN News, Tim Carpenter from the Topeka Capital-Journal, Dr. Bob Beatty from KSNT and also Bryan Lowry from The Wichita Eagle.

We will have much more on the Kansas Senate Debate coming up on KSN News at 10, and remember folks, get out there and vote.

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