KSDebate – What is good about your opponent?

Darren Dedo, KSN News: We don’t have time for rebuttals and this question comes from me. I’d like each candidate to say something nice about your opponent.

Greg Orman (I):  I appreciate Senator Roberts service to our country. I appreciate his service in the Marines and I will have to say that every time I have had opportunity to talk privately with the senator, he has been a gentleman with a great sense of humor.

Pat Roberts (R): Semper Fi, Greg. Marines take the Hill. I would say you are a very well-dressed opponent. I admire your accumulation of wealth. I have a question how you got there, but I think that’s the American Dream. I would hope we can make that possible for everybody up and down every Kansas community, I think yours has been a little different. You have a very nice smile.

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