KSDebate – Web exclusive question for Senator Pat Roberts

We asked both U.S. Senate candidates to respond to a question specifically for them. Here is the question, and response, of the question for Senator Pat Roberts.


Senator Roberts, during your 1996 run for Senate, you criticized your opponent for vacationing in Colorado rather than Kansas. In 2008, you criticized your opponent for living in Washington, D.C. rather than Kansas. This year you were quoted as saying, “It’s not the days, it’s the results” in reference to how much time you spend in Kansas. Why the change?


There is no change. Dodge City is my home, and I’m damn proud of it. I am a fourth generation Kansan, and I couldn’t be prouder of my Kansas roots. I work hard everyday for Kansas. I stand up to the liberal Barack Obama-Harry Reid Agenda and deliver conservative results in Washington. I travel all 105 counties, corner to corner, border to border talking with and listening to the concerns of Kansans when at home. I have spent my life serving our great state, and I hope to continue to fight for conservative Kansas values in the Senate. My opponent, however, would never fight for Kansas. He would simply be another rubber stamp for the Obama-Reid liberal agenda.

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