KSDebate – Web exclusive question for Greg Orman

We asked both U.S. Senate candidates to respond to a question specifically for them. Here is the question, and response, of the question for Greg Orman.


Mr. Orman, it was recently reported that you are worth tens of millions of dollars. In Kansas, the median household income is a little over $50,000 a year. How do you represent your state and constituents when there is such a massive gap in terms of wealth, possessions and lifestyle between yourself and the average Kansan?


People have connected with our campaign because they know – like I do – that the system in Washington is broken and is failing Kansans. People know the career politicians like Senator Roberts in Washington are part of the problem, and they want someone who can solve problems instead of play partisan games.

I grew up sharing one bathroom with five siblings and my mother. I got free school lunch as a kid, worked my way through college, and graduated with student loans. I know what it’s like to struggle to pay the bills and I know what folks go through, because that’s what my family went through.

I’ve worked hard. I started a small business that, through hard work and a little luck, was successful. We grew that business to 120 workers – creating jobs for a lot of hard working folks – before we sold it. Since then, I’ve helped run many small businesses, and created jobs. The people of Kansas want someone who knows how to get things done and knows how to help the economy grow. A politician like Senator Pat Roberts who has been in Washington for the last 47 years doesn’t know what it takes, because he hasn’t done it.

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