KSDebate – Viewer question: Gun control, ownership

Darren Dedo, KSN News: The next viewer question comes to us from Twitter. Jeremy Fouse asked: “I’d like to know the canidate’s stance on guns and/or gun control. Furthermore, I’d like to know if each one is a gun owner.”

Pat Roberts (R): I am not a gun owner. The last fun I owned was an M1 when I was in the United States Marine Corps. My opponent supported a Harry Reid piece of legislation that would have been tearing apart the First Amendment, and neither Harry Reid or my opponent looks into James Madison Whig. And the Second Amendment.

Now I am a protector of the First and Second Amendment. My opponent is not. That is one of the many issues that proves he is a liberal democrat and not an independent. So First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, all of you should be concerned about that. Harry Reid’s bill would have the Congress decide what happens with regards to all campaign contributions. Imagine that with Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid. That was the wrong thing to do Greg, and the Second Amendment, I strongly represent the right to bear arms and am very pleased to have the support of Kansas State Rifle Association and the NRA.

Greg Orman (I): First, a couple of things. One, the First Amendment thing that Senator Roberts is referring to is overturning Citizens United. And obviously he doesn’t want to overturn Citizens United because his buddies from Washington have flown in and now are spending millions of dollars on campaign ads attacking me in a desperate attempt to allow him to stay in office.

I am a gun owner. I have two guns, and when I bought those guns, I had to go through a background check. I don’t believe it was intrusive.  I don’t believe it intruded on my Second Amendment rights. I support the Second Amendment and would point out that what I’ve talked about ending the gun show loophole is the same law that Senator Roberts in the past has said he supported. But when he found himself in the middle of a difficult primary, and when he realized the direction his party was heading, he changed his tune. He flip-flopped on that issue. So, as a gun owner, I do support the second amendment.


Pat Roberts (R): Well, I am 64 out of 64 votes for Right to Life. With the NRA, I can’t tell you where I am, it’s probably 94, 95, 96%. The way you describe the situation, it is not accurate. I have always supported the Second Amendment, and I will continue to do so.

Greg Orman (I): Again, as a gun owner, I support the Second Amendment. I do support expanding background checks to cover gun shows. If you think about what a background check does, it prevents someone who has been adjudicated to be mentally incompetent, subject to a domestic restraining order, dishonorably discharged from the military or ultimately sentenced to a year or more in jail, from getting a gun.

Those are people I do not want to see having guns. With that said, the law-abiding citizens who are willing to go through a background check, I support their right to bear arms.

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