KSDebate – Kansas ties: How are you connected to Kansas?

Craig Andres, KSN News: Senator Roberts and Mr. Orman, both of you have spent chunks of your adult lives outside Kansas.  You both own homes in other states.  Please discuss your sense of connection with Kansas.

Greg Orman (I): I did grow up in southern Minnesota, but my father has owned a furniture store in Kansas since 1971. I spent a lot of time here as a teenager here in Kansas, working in a store, and learning the value of a dollar, and learning Kansas values.  When I got the opportunity to move back to Kansas in 1996, I took it. Ultimately, my friends are here, my family is here. I chose to be a Kansan. Most importantly, my wife is a lifelong Kansan and her mother is here. If you wonder where I will be spending my time, I will be spending my time in Kansas.

Pat Roberts (R): I spent most of my life in Kansas. I’m a fourth-generation Kansan. Let me say that I have been border to border and corner to corner in all 105 counties time and time and time again. There is no public official in the history of the state of Kansas that is been in more communities, talking to more people about their daily lives and their issues than I have. Bob Dole jokes and he’s trying to catch up with me. I know Kansas. I know Kansas is conservative. I know Kansas wants answers to people who will not repeal or replace Obamacare, who will restrict the first and second amendment, who will not support the Keystone Pipeline. My opponent is in fact a liberal Democrat.


Greg Orman (I): We do not live in the information age anymore so much as we live in the misinformation age. What you heard was a series of misinformation from Senator Roberts. I am happy to address them one at a time. I care more about the way someone votes. Senator Roberts, in your case, you talk about supporting farmers, and you voted against the farm bill. You talk about supporting veterans, and you did not have the courage to go to Washington and vote on the VA reform bill.

Pat Roberts (R): In the farm bill, we achieved the number one priority for farmers and ranchers in Kansas, that was crop insurance. I voted against the farm bill because it was for the government as opposed to the market. I have received the endorsement from the Kansas Farm Bureau and the Kansas Livestock Association and from every major farm organization. They endorsed me and not my opponent. In every case, I have been the champion for farmers and ranchers in Kansas.

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