KSDebate – Immigration: Responsibility for the children

Brian Lowry, The Wichita Eagle: More than 66,000 children have been apprehended at the southern border unaccompanied by an adult since last October.  What should the U.S. do with these children?

Greg Orman (I): I have to address a couple of things. We are making up facts about the levels of contributions I have given. He also said that all members of the Republican Party had endorsed him. Numerous republicans have endorsed me. We need to look past those falsehoods.

In terms of the young adults and the children at our southern border, we need to address that.

We need to go to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras and talk to parents. Please do not send your children through that treacherous trip through Mexico because when you get there, we will process them and send them home. Ultimately, that is the best way to ensure their safety. That is what we need to do.

Pat Roberts (R): The first thing we have to do is secure the border. Second thing we have to do is there is a bill the house passed the changes the law and says all other countries will be similar to that of Mexico and Canada. If you come across illegally, I am sorry, you have to come back. It was the president who said people 16 and under could stay that led to this onslaught, this humanitarian tragedy.

Let me go back to the border. There should not be any amnesty. We have 167,000 convicted felons that are illegal in United States. We have a ISIS, Ebola, we have to secure the border. We cannot have amnesty.

Moderator: He asked about the 66,000 children. What are we going to do with them? What should the US do?

Pat Roberts (R): Obviously, they have been working through the system. You are not going to deport 66,000 children. We have to secure the border to prevent other situations like that from happening again. Yes, we can work with the Central American countries to make sure they understand that they cannot do this kind of thing again. There are also the drug cartels involved as well.


Greg Orman (I): I am not sure what the senator said. In his first statement, he said humanitarian deportations. I am not clear what the answer was. I do believe we need to secure the border, but i also believe we can secure the border and have a humane immigration policy. I hope you get an opportunity to talk more about immigration. It is an important issue for Kansas.

Pat Roberts (R): We will not get any immigration policy as long as Harry Reid is the majority leader of the Senate. He uses immigration as a political tool. And so we put Harry Reid out to pasture, unless we put Harry Reid out to pasture, all this stops when we secure the border. The 167,000 illegals who are convicted felons, that shows you we have to secure the border and we cannot support amnesty.

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