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Craig Andres, KSN News: Before an abortion in Kansas, a woman must have an ultrasound, with the option of viewing the image, get counseling and wait 24 hours.  Do you agree with these regulations, and should ultrasounds before abortions be mandated nationwide?

Greg Orman (I): You know, I’ve addressed this issue many times before and what I’ve said on this issue is that, as a man, I will never have to face the hard decisions that women have to face. I trust the women of Kansas are smart and they can make decisions on their own about their own reproductive health.

With that said, I think we spend a whole lot of time in this country talking about this issue and we have spent a lot of time over the last couple of decades talking about it. And I think it prevents us from talking about other important issues. What I would like to see us do is start focusing on some of the big problems that we absolutely need to get our arms around if we are going to preserve the American Dream and our financial futures.

Moderator Darren Dedo: So let me ask you, are you pro-life or pro-choice?

Greg Orman (I): I’m pro-choice.

Pat Roberts (R): I am pro-life. I think you said we have to get past the issue, if I am correct. Get past the rights of the unborn? Get past the guarantee of life for those at the end of life? I don’t think we can say that with any degree of conscience, more especially, as I’m concerned, the question that was raised is a really a state issue. Federal mandates, I do not know of any federal mandate I agree with now with all the paperwork and regulations coming out of Washington — and taking over state’s rights. But with abortion? And you are going to have to move past it? I think that is unconscionable, Greg. I really do.

Greg Orman (I): Justice Roberts, when he was in his confirmation hearing, referred to this issue as a settled law. I think it is an important question, no doubt about it. I just think we have spent a lot time as a country debating it and it is time to start debating other important issues as well.

Pat Roberts (R): It isn’t settled law because we had a great fight over Hobby Lobby, didn’t we? And the rights of individual business people to say, I’m sorry but we will not accept Obamacare because it strikes at our religious beliefs. And the Hobby Lobby won. So it is not settled, not by a long shot. That’s why I am proud to receive the endorsement from the National Right to Life, and the Kansans for Life. They support me and I’ll tell you one thing, I do not think we ought to get past this issue.

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