Sen. Pat Roberts calls for flight restrictions from Ebola infected West Africa

This photo provided by the CDC shows an Ebola virus. (AP Photo/CDC)

TOPEKA, Kansas – Kansas Senator Pat Roberts today called for the President to finally take a proactive leadership role in battling the Ebola crisis and for an immediate travel ban from the countries in West Africa currently ravaged by the deadly virus.

“I have no confidence in how the Obama Administration is managing the Ebola crisis, and neither do the people of Kansas,” Senator Roberts said. “We are facing a potential national health emergency that could overwhelm our health care system, threaten the economy, and place national security at risk if not handled properly.

“I call on the President to actually lead on this issue, take emergency action and protect American lives before we have an epidemic here at home.  We cannot afford to be reactive or ‘lead from behind’ with a deadly and easily spread threat like Ebola.”

Infectious disease experts have said stopping the spread of Ebola is the only way to control an outbreak.  Therefore, Senator Roberts has called for a complete and immediate travel ban from the infected West African nations. All individuals attempting to enter the United States who have traveled to the affected area within the last 30 days must quarantine outside the country, and the effort to protect American lives from this deadly disease should be swift, transparent, and fully coordinated within our national security apparatus

Senator Roberts continued, “There are now more than 8,000 cases of Ebola spreading through West Africa and 4,000 deaths. The cases of Ebola in the United States came to our shores on a plane from Liberia. West Africa is the source of this potential pandemic, and we should fight this virus there, at its source, not on our borders or in our airports. The President has failed to secure our borders, and he is now failing to lead during this crisis.

“From the crisis in the Middle East with ISIS, to the standoff in Ukraine with Russia, and now to the spread of Ebola from West Africa to our own shores, this Administration has consistently been two steps behind and asleep at the wheel. We cannot afford the risk of President Obama’s inaction and failure to lead. American’s are frightened, and they deserve better.”

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