Greg Orman talks about his policy on immigration

Greg Orman (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Immigration is a hot button issue in this year’s mid-term election.

Greg Orman’s critics have said he supports amnesty for undocumented people here in the United States.

Orman says that’s not true, and instead, he’s pushing for a fair immigration policy that doesn’t cut off Kansas.

“But, we have to be practical, we’re not going to find and deport 11.5 million people and nor would it be advisable. There are whole industries in Kansas that would go away. The dairy industry, the meat packing industry, much of agriculture would be decimated by the policies my opponent is proposing.”

Orman says undocumented workers can only stay in the United States by following the rules.

“To make it fair to taxpayers, I believe if you’re here on an undocumented basis, you should have to register with ICE by a date certain. You should have to pay a fine or perform community service as an acknowledgement that a law has been broken. You should have to hold down a job, pay taxes, obey our laws, and then I think you should be able to stay here and work.”

The next U.S. Senator that represents Kansas will also have to work with the president and Congress on stopping ISIS.

Orman says the United States must have a vigilant policy against the terrorist group.

“I do think we need to engage in the air campaigns we’re engaging in. I think we need to protect our diplomatic assets in the region as we are. And, I think we need to engage in the counter-terrorism and training activities that we’re engaging in.”

Orman says the United State can’t go at it alone, and we will need help for our allies to defeat ISIS.

“Ultimately, however, we have to reframe this war. We can’t be viewed as a war of the United States against Muslim extremists because that just serves the purposes of recruiting new extremists. This needs to be framed as a war by the Middle East against extremism in their own borders.”

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