Neighbors find unique way to agree to disagree during elections

WICHITA, Kansas – Can people with different political views really get along? Two North Riverside families are proving that it can be done.

The Lamp’s and the Lie’s have spent nearly 18 years as neighbors and every election year, they flood their yards with campaign signs. Judging by their yards, you’d think the two never get along, but contrary to how it may look they are more than just neighbors, they’re good friends.

“We have very similar goals and aspirations four our families for our country, but we do see the world through a bit of a different lens,” said Linda Lamp.

Alan and Lie are Democrats and the Lamp’s who are more Conservatives both agree politics can have an ugly side.

“I think there’s more of a I’ll get you before you get me kind of an attitude even in politics.”

Which is why they never talk about it, instead they just fill their yards with campaign signs.

“You’d think after all these years of living together that may be we would have one or the other of us would be convinced to swing the other way but I guess it just shows ya we’re both stubborn.”

They even manage to have a little fun with their “silent disagreement”

“Neighbor was watering the other day saying he was trying to make his sign grow bigger,” said Alan Lie. “If one of us is one short, the other might say I gotta go get another sign.”

This year’s added touch is a sign specifically placed smack dab in the middle of their yards with the purpose of proving one point, respect for each other.

Both families say they hope it will become an example to others, as we prepare for the November general elections.

“I think we agree on our right to our political opinions without hurting each other, without making our neighbor our enemy.”

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