Greg Orman talks about improving healthcare in KSN one-on-one interview

Greg Orman
Greg Orman

WICHITA, Kansas – Greg Orman has championed himself as a Kansan, small business owner, and someone who says it’s time for a “change”.

Part of that change means giving more affordable healthcare coverage to all Americans.

“The average family of four today in America who’s in a PPO has $23,000 a year spent on healthcare, whether its employer paid premiums, employee paid premiums, co-pays, deductibles, or out of pocket expenses and that’s absolutely way to much. We spend more than twice the worlds average on healthcare per capita, and we get average results.”

Orman says he is not a fan of the Affordable Care Act, and says if he was in office he “would not” have voted for Obamacare.

His solution involves changing incentives.

“I have said this throughout the campaign, healthcare is one of the only industry’s I know of where you get paid to fix your own mistakes, and it’s because we reward quantity in healthcare and not quality. So, I think we need to fundamentally alter the reimbursements in healthcare to start paying for quality in outcomes and stop paying for quantity.”

Right now, same-sex marriage is illegal in Kansas. But in many states around the country, the courts are overturning the same type of laws. Orman believes change for the Sunflower state should come from the United States Supreme Court.

KSN asked Orman if he had a personal belief about gay marriage.

“Personally, my point of view is if two people love each other and want to enter into a committed relationship with each other they should be able to do that. And, I think for all the talk about supporting families in this country, I don’t think we should discourage people who want to form families. I support allowing people to make their own decisions about their personal lives.”

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