Pumpkin Fever: Healthy or Not?

WASHINGTON (NBC News) – There is a “health halo” around foods with “pumpkin” in them, with the prevailing thought being that if they contain the fiber-rich gourd…they must be good for you.

Sadly, not all of the pumpkin-flavored foods which are so popular this time of year are created equal, and some might not even contain any pumpkin at all!

“Don’t trick yourself into thinking that your pumpkin latte contains the same benefits as the actual pumpkin puree,” said Lisa Cimperman a Registered Dietitian with UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland.

On its own, pumpkin is actually quite healthy, and dietitians recommend using pumpkin puree or even pumpkin seeds if you are trying to utilize the health benefits that this fall treat can bring.

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