Enrollment up at Wichita Public Schools

Wichita Public Schools (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – The Wichita Public Schools has taken its official headcount of students enrolled for the 2014-2015 school year.

The district’s enrollment as of Sept. 20 is 51,330 students, up by 161 students from last year. This year’s enrollment is the district’s highest enrollment since 1975 and enrollment has grown by 2,512 students over the last ten school years.

“The Wichita Public Schools has quality teachers, schools and programs and the enrollment increase shows our families know that their students will receive a quality education throughout the district,” said Superintendent Allison.

High school enrollment has the biggest increase, with 229 more students than last year with a total of 12,637. The Wichita Public Schools added and shifted teachers and support staff to schools with higher population increases to meet the needs of those schools and to help manage class sizes. Click here to see each school’s enrollment numbers.

West High School has one of the largest enrollment increases – up 96 students from last year. West has seen a nearly 30 percent increase in students in the past six years.

“We continue to strive and to make sure our students are connected to school,” said Joel Hudson, principal at West. “If students are connected to school, they will do better in the classroom.”

“Our enrollment, our graduation rate, and the amount of scholarships our students have received have all increased because of those connections. It’s a great time to be a Pioneer.“

In addition to the increase numbers, the district released demographic information as well. Caucasian students are 34%, Hispanic students are 33%, African-American students are 18.5%, multi-racial students are 8%, Asian/Pacific Islander are 4.5% and Native American students are 1.25% of the student population.

“I have often said that the world walks in our hallways. A look at the demographics of our student body shows that,” Superintendent Allison said. “Our students have the benefit from the learning experiences that come from our diverse student population.

Each year, Kansas’ school districts are required by the state to take an official headcount of students enrolled on Sept. 20. Full-time equivalency, the enrollment on which state funding is based, will be calculated from this official count.

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