Dodge City planning to add a Heritage District

DODGE CITY, Kansas – Dodge City’s economy relies on tourism and entertainment, and now, the city is using a bond that encourages growth to do exactly that.

“Things that will bring people in from outside of the state of Kansas to bring new revenues into the community,” said Joann Knight, Dodge City Development Corporation Executive Director.

The star bond or sales tax revenue bond uses both city and state funds to help development projects.

In this case, it’s to create a Heritage District complete with hotels, an RV park, restaurants and even a water park.

The bond requires at least 50 percent of revenues to go toward destination-entertainment facilities.

“We are Dodge City, we’re known worldwide, it’s something that we have to promote and in projects like this that’s exactly what we’re trying to do is capture more economic growth through utilizing our historic name,” said Knight.

One focus will be expanding the Boot Hill museum.

“Anything we can do to make it better, bring out more of the old heritage that we have here, is absolutely necessary,” said Deann Schraeder, Dodge City Visitor’s Center.

Another big aspect will be beautification, taking away the industrial feel and creating a more timeless look.

They hope to add archways, like the Boot Hill sign, over certain roads, that way they can signal to visitors that they’re entering the Heritage District.

“Once they realize what they’re seeing and where they’re at, it becomes more important to them,” said Schraeder.

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