Video: Seattle’s furriest fans!

SEATTLE (KING) – A golden retriever and her 11 puppies are winning hearts as the Seattle Seahawks’ furriest fans.

Darlene Berning expected her golden retriever, Satya, to have a big litter.

“Nine or ten,” she said.

The doctor told them eight was likely. Then, after Satya’s c-section, the doctor had some news.

“There was 11,” Berning said.

Satya’s first litter of pups was a jackpot.

“11 plus one, that’s the perfect number,” explained Berning’s husband, Rob Raymond. “We love the Hawks”

The couple bought navy blue socks, cut holes for the puppies’ legs, and painted the number “12” on each of them. Their mom, Satya, wears a “Pete” shirt.

The Seahawks went on to defeat the Denver Broncos 26 to 20 in overtime on Sunday.

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