Local church helps refurbish a home for the meek and weary

WICHITA, Kansas – Nearly a year of fundraising pays off for a local church as Asbury Church finishes up a project to refurbish a home from the inside out.

Normally, Sunday is reserved for rest, but not for members of Asbury Church.

Every year through their Nehemiah project, they take time out to help a deserving family, raising up to $10,000 through donations most of the year just to do their own spin on extreme home make over.

So why is Asbury doing this? They say they want to pay it forward, taking the ministry out of the church and into the community where they say it belongs.

“That makes our worthwhile whenever the recipients can come and they see what we’ve done for the first time it’s just an overwhelming experience,” said Gordon McClure of Ashbury Church.

Over the last three days, more than 100 people have volunteered.

This year’s project is especially important to us because the gentleman who lives here has Parkinson’s disease and he had a stroke so he has been confined to a wheel chair.

Seeing her home for the first time brought tears to Terry Pittman’s eyes.

She says it’s been two-years since her husband John was diagnosed and has been able to sleep in their bed. But thanks to the kindness of strangers, that will all change.

“I feel overwhelmed very blessed because it’s going to make it a lot easier for John to be able to come out and enjoy instead of being stuck in the house all the time,” said Terry.

The house isn’t completely finished. The Pittmans will stay in a hotel for one more night so that a chair lift can be installed.

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