Derby woman gets something special from recent hurricane

DERBY, Kansas – It took a devastating hurricane that blasted Mexican resorts and caused major flooding along the Baja Peninsula to help a Derby woman who shares the hurricane’s name. She says it’s been a life changing event for her.

“My first name is Odile.”

What’s in a name, especially one that’s newly famous?

For Odile Sanborn of Derby, it has been years of people mispronouncing her name.

“Odial is the first one, Odele, Odalee, you name it, I’ve heard it all.”

Named after a French saint, Odile spends her days playing with her dog Princess, who may have been the one of the few who knew how to say her name right.


“I read in the paper about the hurricane and I thought, ‘Oh! It’s my name!’”

But even that brought a touch of worry for those in Odile’s path.

“Then I panicked because I thought, ’Oh my, it’s going to be on national television’, and I’m wondering how people are going to say it.”

But there is a silver lining after the storm. Odile said now people are finally getting her name right, and now gets jokes about it from her friends.

“I also volunteer and I’ve been called Hurricane Odile, which to me, it’s okay because as long as they say it the right way, it’s great!”

In case you’re wondering how storm names are chosen, a name from each letter of the alphabet is chosen in six year cycles.

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