Catholics crusade to protest ‘Black Mass’ in Oklahoma City

WICHITA, Kansas – A satanic ‘Black Mass’ scheduled for Sunday evening in Oklahoma City drew attention of Catholics across the world.

It is a parody of the traditional Catholic Mass and supporters said it’s protected by the first amendment, just like other religions.

Chris Arnold spoke with several Catholics that are outraged and somewhat scared that this Black Mass has gotten the national attention it has.

Several Catholic churches have united across the state to travel down to Oklahoma City to show their support for their faith.

“We're calling Jesus a mute god, we're calling Jesus a fugitive god.”
Private satanic ritual

“We’re calling Jesus a mute god, we’re calling Jesus a fugitive god.” – Satanist claims

Those are words that many in the Catholic Church are troubled by.

“It’s very offensive, yes, if they realized what Christ did for us, dying on the cross,” said Joe Helten Jr.

The event was directed as a parody of some of the most sacred Catholic rituals.

To show the support of their faith, nearly 300 Catholics in Wichita, as well as several more from Topeka, took buses to Oklahoma City to peacefully protest the event.

“They’re using a public facility, the Civic Center down in Oklahoma City,” said Michelle Nichols. “That’s a little bit spooky that they are becoming that blatant.”

According to the Black Mass organizer’s website, the event was created to “celebrate the perversion of the Catholic Mass”

Organizer Adam Daniels spoke to NBC in Oklahoma City about the event.

“We give a blessing and offering to Satan,” said Daniels. “We’re censoring it, doing all the things that is normally done to bless a sacrifice, which is obviously the host, the body of Christ, then you’re taking that and we re-consecrate it the way the devil does,”

Nichols said their hope was that the Black Mass wouldn’t take place at all. But if it did, they wanted to make sure Catholics take the opportunity to stand together.

“We just want to make our voices heard, go down there and adore our Lord in reparation for the offenses that will be committed against him tonight,” said Nichols.
The Mass was slated to kick-off at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center in downtown Oklahoma City.

The satanic sect hosting the event is said to have close to a hundred supporters that came out for the Black Mass.

It was expected that close to 15,000 Catholics were going to be in the area to peacefully protest the event.

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