Wichita woman a victim of Home Depot data breach

WICHITA, Kansas – Consumers are still feeling the effects from that massive Home Depot data breach.

56 million cardholders had personal information compromised, and it may have been affected more than 15 million more than the Target data breach.
The breach took place over a five month span, reaching its height right before it was detected in early September.
Sabrina Walker says she visited the home improvement retailer to get some supplies for her husband, who is a local contractor.
She got a call two days after the breach from her bank, asking her if she had bought plane tickets through the airline, Allegiant Air.
Walker hadn’t, and soon found out that $300 worth of charges had hit her account.
Luckily, she says the bank got it before any other fraudulent charges were made.
“I think it’s definitely a safe bet if you know you aren’t going to spend more than a certain amount of money each week or each month or each transaction,” said Walker.
Walker has since gotten a new debit card and been reimbursed for the money she lost.

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