‘Fire challenge’ scorches 8-year-old boy

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WVTM) – An 8-year-old Alabama boy is recovering from severe burns sustained in an attempt at the “Fire Challenge”, a dangerous stunt that has become increasingly popular on social media.

James Adams says his older brother and a friend covered him in hand sanitizer, then set him on fire.

“They rubbed hand sanitizer on my shirt, rubbed my face,” James said.

When the two boys lit James’ shirt on fire, it set off the home’s smoke detector. His father thought the attic was on fire.

“About the time he went to check in the attic, he realized that James was standing there and he was saying it hurts, it hurts,” mother Heather Adams said.

Heather says the dad put James in the shower to wash the hand sanitizer off.

“He thought just the hand sanitizer was burning him and that’s when he realized that it was actually skin hanging off and that he needed help,” Heather mentioned.

Little James panicked while trying to get the burning shirt off of him. Both hands and the insides of one of his arms are severely burned.

Fire experts say inhaling the burning fumes can also cause bodily harm.

“They also may take a deep breath and have inhalation burns which may burn the lungs and the throat and the mouth,” Hoover Fire Spokesperson Executive Officer Rusty Lowe said.

Which can be hard to recover from according to Executive Officer Rusty Lowe.

Overall, Heather Adams wants other parents to be alarmed about the fire challenge.

“These challenges are out there because I didn’t know about them until Saturday. They’re dangerous, can be even deadly,” Heather said.

Heather says doctors will have to take skin grafts from James’ legs and place it over the wounds. The healing process could take up to two years.

Adams says no charges are being filed against their 13-year-old son or his friend.

For more warnings from the National Fire Protection Association on the dangers of this so called “Fire Challenge”, click on the link.


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