Police warn public about reload cash cards

Card image provided with Wichita Police.

WICHITA, Kansas — The Wichita Police Department is warning the public to be aware of “Vanilla Reload Network” cash cards, citing two cases this week where funds were¬†lost by local victims.

According to police, funds were reported stolen from Vanilla Reload cards which were purchased from two separate retailers in Wichita. In both cases, the victims loaded funds to the cards when the purchases were made and discovered within an hour that the funds were transferred from the cards to another card held by an unknown person.

Police say consumers need to know that the cards are not registered to a particular person at the time of purchase so they “carry the same weight as cash.”

Consumers are urged to use caution when purchasing and using the Vanilla Reload cards.

Police ask that anyone who has been a victim of a similar crime make a report through the Wichita Police Department Case Desk at 316-268-4221.

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