Transgender princess faces backlash

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (KOAA) – A Colorado high school has crowned a transgender student as homecoming princess, and the decision has sparked widespread controversy on social media about whether the school district should allow this to happen.

Colorado Springs’ District 49 says they don’t exclude any student from participating in programs or activities based on gender identity or expression.

Homecoming princess Scarlett Lenh was born a boy, but feels more comfortable living life as a girl.

“When I was young, I had these thoughts about my gender and I asked myself a lot of questions,” Lenh says. “I think in middle school, I tried to force it away from me.”

It wasn’t until high school that Scarlett began wearing women’s clothes and makeup in public.

“I just want people to be themselves, and I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own body,” she says. “I want everyone to accept people for who they are and who they choose to be.”

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