Parent concerned about dangerous drivers near Wellington school

WELLINGTON, Kansas – Robin Creamer says she was driven to action last week after her daughter’s friend was nearly hit by a car while in the crosswalk at Wellington Middle School.

“My heart stopped, you know?” she said. “Because whomever it was was not paying attention to what was going on around them, and these people should have the right-of-way to cross.”

Creamer contacted Wellington USD 353 and the Wellington Police Department, but is worried that her concerns will not be answered, and the unsafe driving will continue. She says she would like to see more overt signage with flashing lights to indicate a school zone, and new paint on the crosswalks to give better warning to drivers.

“The school is so busy in the parking lot trying to get out that we park down here to make it safer so we don’t hit people too,” she said.

The school district is working with Wellington police to get more of a police presence near the middle school, assistant superintendent Larry Roth said.

“They said they would patrol the area a little bit more and help us out with keeping our kids safe,” he said.

The school district could partner with the city to get additional signage, but the onus is on drivers to pay more attention.

“If they feel that we need more signage, certainly we can do that,” Roth said. “We’ll get with the city as well. If we need more from that, I’m sure the police department and the city will let us know.”

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