Dog that attacked child had previous incidents

BEL AIRE, Kansas – A 13-year-old Bel Aire boy who was playing at his friends house last week was attacked by the family dog. It turns out that dog was the subject of two previous attacks.

The Bull Terrier was in a fenced backyard with a family member and his friend. According to reports, the dog began sniffing the friend, which scared the boy and he pushed the dog away. That is when the dog attacked the boy.

The boy was bitten in at least both arms and his stomach. His friend’s parent pulled the dog away from the boy and called the boy’s father who took him to the hospital for treatment. He suffered complications from the bites and has had to return to the hospital.

Bel Aire Police Chief Darrell Attebury (KSN Photo)
Bel Aire Police Chief Darrell Atteberry (KSN Photo)

Bel Aire Police Chief Darrell Atteberry said the dog has been the subject of two prior dangerous dog investigations in Wichita before the family moved to Bel Aire. One of those incidents involved a mailman and the other involved a man being attacked and bitten.

“This is the third time for this dog,” said Atteberry, “it’s been the subject of a dangerous dog or an attack three separate times, you know, we were unaware in Bel Aire that the dog was in our community.”

During one of the hearings, the dog owner made a deal with Wichita Animal Control to keep the dog from being euthanized.

Chief Atteberry said the dog was surrended to Animal Control by the family where he will remain for 10 days under observation. The dog is expected to be euthanized.

Atteberry says changes had been already planned for the City of Bel Aire’s animal control laws will fall more in line with Sedgwick County laws which he says are more thorough.

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