Corn crop looks good, but prices are low

GREAT BEND, Kansas – It looks like good news for farmers.

“Well, our corn looks really good, standing good, and we’re looking forward to a great harvest this year, it’s just not wanting to dry down this year with this cooler wet weather,” said Ron Koelsch, a farmer in Barton County.

But with so much good corn across the country, the prices are dropping below profitability.

“We’re very disappointed at the price of corn, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better for a while, people have commented to us well we can hold onto the corn for a while until later when the price is higher, well we’ve got bills to pay, so we got to sell that crop as it comes across the scale,” said Koelsch.

The corn is about two weeks away from being harvested, and it looks a lot better than this year’s wheat crop but because the prices are falling and corn is a lot more expensive to grow than wheat is, it might not make as much as the wheat.

“We know we’re going to have a good harvest and we always like the bumper yield crops, but when you sell it for less than we have the past couple of years it’s not going to get us caught up the way we would like it to be,” said Koelsch.

Farmers are hoping for better crop yields next year, but Ron says this year will be tight for farmers with the low corn prices.

“Well, I’ve already told me son that farms with me that it’s going to be one of those years that we don’t buy much for the farm, we’re going to be paying our bills and just kind of getting by and hopefully next year it’ll turn around and get better.”

The price for this year’s corn crop is around $3 a bushel.

Last year’s average was around $7.

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