Youth football team organizers get an earful from angry parents

WICHITA, Kansas – A youth football program will move some of its practices in the wake of a fight that led to gunfire at Linwood Park Monday night.

The Wichita Tigers football program, which has teams for kids between 2nd and 8th grade, will move some of the squads that say they do not feel safe to West High School because of the incident.

This comes as angry parents confronted team organizers Tuesday night to do more to protect their children.

“The moment they shot that gun up in the air, it affected my child,” Jennifer DeCaul, who witnessed the Monday incident, said. “He was up until midnight last night crying about a gunshot, had to be pulled out of his classroom today by his counselor to talk to the counselor about the gunshot.”

The team also dismissed the coach of the 8th grade team and his wife from all future team activities since they brought guns to the park. Even though they had concealed carry permits, the team has a “zero tolerance” policy on carrying firearms, team organizer Jeremy Burris told KSN.

The fight originated after the men mistakenly thought the coach was responsible for the ineligibility of a player on another team, Burris told parents Tuesday. The attackers thought the coach told the league the player did not return equipment from last season, but mistook him for the coach of another team that raised the eligibility question, he said.

The coach’s wife then pulled a gun and fired a shot in the air to scare off the attackers, and the coach also pulled a gun as well, according to Wichita police.

More information is expected at a police briefing Wednesday.

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