Parent pulls gun on youth football coach over playing time

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police responded to a shots fired call at a youth football game at Linwood Park.

It happened around 7:45 p.m. Monday in the 1900 block of South Kansas.

According to police, a parent confronted a coach and showed a gun when their child did not get enough playing time.

“Moments later, five to six fans and parents began to beat up coach, attacking him. One of the individuals attacking him is believed to have brass knuckles,” said Lt. James Espinoza, Wichita Police Department.

The wife of the coach fired a gun into the air and finally stopped the beating. The coach ran to his car, grabbed his gun, brought it back to the field and pointed the gun at the crowd.

Police arrived shortly after and confiscated the coach and wife’s gun. Police say the first suspect’s gun has not been located.

“At this time, there’s been no arrests made, and Investigations is currently working on the case,” added Lt. Espinoza. “Currently, the only injuries received is from the coach.”

Officials with the Junior Football League say it wasn’t their first encounter with the suspect involved in starting the fight.

“We had had that person in our organization last year for about a week, but we quickly realized that it was going to be an issue, and we were gonna have problems so we cut ties with him and his brothers and his family right then,” said Jeremy Burns, Tigers Director.

Police hope witnesses will bring them video of the incident.

“I think that it’s upsetting to even hear of a story like this. I think as grown-ups we need to act like such,” added Espinoza.

Wichitans KSN talked to couldn’t agree more.

“I think it’s a negative situation. Don’t be pulling no gun out or whatnot or what have you. You have to talk about it without being physical,” said Denzil Ward, Wichita resident.


Section 9.03.470 of the city code does currently preclude weapons from park property, however, the provisions in reference to firearms or knives would be unenforceable due to the state’s preemption of cities regulating the carrying of weapons.

HB 2578, passed during the last legislation session, would prohibit the city from enforcing the ordinance in reference to the possession of these items. It remains unlawful to discharge a firearm within the City limits.

Unlike buildings, open spaces cannot be regulated, or signed,  to preclude individuals from lawfully open carrying or carrying concealed with the proper permit.

An exception would be any fields which would be within 1000 feet of a school, where possession of a weapon would be precluded by federal law.

State laws would prohibit the carrying of a firearm by a convicted felon or individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Weapons may only be concealed with a proper permit.

Greater Wichita Junior Football League Rules 2014
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