Is the best restroom in the nation located in Kansas?

LUCAS, Kansas – The small town of Lucas is known for many things, including their grassroots arts movement and the Garden of Eden, but now they’re in a contest that could put them on the map for a restroom. They’re a top ten finalist for the best restroom in America.

“We like to have a sense of humor here in Lucas in case you haven’t noticed,” said Rosslyn Schultz, the Executive Director of the Grassroots Art Center.

That humor, let to Lucas’ Bowl Plaza, a public restroom shaped like a giant sunken toilet.

“Well, at first it was a little bit disgusting for some of our locals but now people drive by and don’t even know it’s a sunken toilet,” said Schutlz.

The inside of the restroom is just as intricate and eclectic as the outside, and all the detail took four years to complete.

“Well, we’re already pretty quirky or unusual here in Lucas, so why be the same thing? Let’s be something weird, something with what we’re trying to do here,” said Wendell Cowan, who submitted the restroom to the contest.

That something weird includes a sculpture of a dog drinking out of the toilet bowl.

“That swirling water there in the middle of that toilet of course these are true items that people have told us that they’ve dropped into a toilet at some point in their life,” said Schultz.

The mosaic art was all done by locals, and the town of four-hundred is excited for the recognition.

“It’s just a little off center but that’s what we want it to be,” said Cowan.

“It takes quite a leap of faith for a small community to step out and do something this exotic, and here we’re just reaping the rewards over and over,” said Schultz.

You can look at the other contest restrooms and vote for your favorite at

Voting ends October 31st.

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