Disabled man beaten by teens

NEWARK, Delaware (CNN) – A mentally disabled man pleads with a group of teens in Newark to stop beating him, but in a video that’s difficult to watch, the 26-year-old is slammed to the ground

He is smacked and shouted at.

The video has gone viral on Instagram police confirm they’re investigating the incident. One of the teens who was in the videos told us he helped file a report. He didn’t want to reveal his identity for fear of retaliation.

“The right thing to do was call the cops. If you beat up a mentally disabled person, you should be locked away for good.”

His family said the video made them speechless.

“It’s more than disgusting, there’s no words to describe what they did,” said Debra Jackson, Godmother.

“I think they were bullies to be beating on people like that,” said Winter Brooks, Sister.

His little sister Winter says he suffers from a developmental disorder called Williams syndrome, but that hasn’t inhibited him from being a helpful big brother.

“He takes me to the bus stop.”

His godmother says he’s trusted the group of teens who hurt him to be his friends, and that he’s suffering emotional along with his physical trauma?

“He’s not doing too good, he’s ashamed about it happening, he’s embarrassed,” said Jackson.

Police are still conducting interviews and more arrests are possible.


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