City approves a financing plan for WSU

WICHITA, KS-It won’t be long before parts of this golf course are transformed into an innovative campus complete with hotels, restaurants, and apartments.

“What we’re seeing is a lot of people today want to locate on college campus because of the activities and this gives us an opportunity to do that,” said WSU President John Bardo.

On Tuesday, City Council members approved the university’s request to change how it uses the money already collected by the mil levy some $72 million dollars over the next 40 years.

Normally that money is used for operational expenses and for student scholarships now it will go towards demolishing wheat shocker apartments, building construction and improving campus roads and parking lots.

Still the school says it will continue all of its scholarships programs.

“What we have to offer is a value to them so if they chose to come to the community they would choose come because of the value we represent.”

A value that has proven to be successful on other campuses like North Carolina State, Purdue, and Arizona State.

“This is not just something that is good for the university good for the specific business located on campus but it tends to have a really broad spillover in the community.”

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