Video: Bus driver abandons children at corner

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KPRC) – Two 7-year-old girls found themselves lost in a strange neighborhood after they were put on the wrong bus at school.

The girls, Kacy and Saira, are in the second grade at Campbell Elementary in Greatwood, Texas.

“When the bus arrived and she was not on it, I asked where she was. The bus driver didn’t know,” said Katy Acosta, Kacy’s mother.

The girls wound up about a mile away from their usual stop.

“She rode the bus through the route and at the end of the stop the bus driver informed her and Saira that they had to get off,” Acosta said. “The girls proceeded to tell them they didn’t know where they were, this wasn’t their neighborhood and he said, ‘This is the last stop, you have to get off.'”

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