KSN Threat Tracker for Saturday, 8/30/14

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10:40PM The storm in Southwest Kansas continues to weaken. There could be a few more showers in Northwest Kansas overnight as well.

10:08PM Still tracking a very stubborn storm in Southwest Kansas. Join us now on KSN for the latest.

9:06PM Temperatures are starting to cool down a bit more. Wichita has now dropped into the 70s at 9pm. Liberal is the warm spot on the map currently at 84 degrees.

Kansas Temperatures

8:25PM There is now only one storm left on radar affecting Northern Grant Co. and Southern Kearny Co. A Severe T-Storm Warning has just been issued for this storm for hail up to a quarter in size and gusty winds to 40mph.

7:50PM Storms in Southwest Kansas have weakened below severe limits. No active warnings at this time.

7:00PM Most of the state is dry but there are still a few active Severe T-Storm Warnings in Southwest Kansas. The stronger storms this evening will be capable of hail up to quarter size. Get radar anytime here.

6:18PM There are a few spotty showers and T’storms in Southwest Kansas and one Severe T-Storm Warning. A strong storm NW of Ulysses in Grant Co. is capable of producing hail up to quarter size and gusty winds to 40mph.

4:10PM Hotter at 4pm with lots of sunshine. Luckily, the humidity is low enough to where we don’t have a “feels like” temperature that’s even hotter.

Wichita Currents

2:50PM It’s quite warm out there with Wichita at 89 degrees. Overall though, not a bad start to the Holiday Weekend.  KSN Storm Tracker 3 Radar is quiet for now, and most of us will get through the day dry. However, some much needed rain is in the forecast which could affect part of the weekend.

Kansas Temperatures

10:33AM Conditions across the state are relatively quiet this Saturday morning… which is great news considering it’s a holiday weekend! We can all expect it to stay that way until tomorrow! So here’s a breakdown of what we’re looking at — Sunday holds for very hot temperatures, ranging in the middle and upper 90s across the state. We should be able to make it through a good portion of the day on a dry note, although a few storms could fire up in western Kansas late in the afternoon as a strong storm system approaches. This leads us to the severe weather risk across the region, right now much of Kansas is in an Elevated Risk for severe storms. There’s a better chance for severe storms over central Kansas as early as late afternoon but will be more likely Sunday evening. Anyone with outdoor plans this holiday weekend will need to stay up date with the forecast and have a plan B in case storms enter your area.

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8:31AM The first part of our holiday weekend is looking pretty good, Sunday could be a different story. We are under an elevated risk for severe weather. The greatest chance of strong storms for the KSN viewing area seems to be late in the afternoon on into Sunday night. So much of Sunday could be pretty good–but you will need to have a way to keep in touch even out and enjoying holiday fun.  Here’s a great way–follow our Twitter severe weather feed for your part of Kansas:


7:08AM Relief from the heat ends today but it’s not going to be a day with temperatures in the triple digits. Really, perfect pool and lake weather to kick off the holiday weekend.

KSN 2014 Keeper DayPart

6:18AM WOW! What a breathtaking view! We are still looking at some areas of fog as you can see on the metro camera, there’s a little bit of a haze out in the distance.

Wichita Currents-Feels Like

6:01AM Mainly dry weather is expected for a change across the area today. Great pool and lake weather as temperatures climb into the lower 90s this afternoon!

5:25AM Becoming sunny and hotter this afternoon. We are still keeping a close eye on the latest data for storms on Sunday. Right now the current thinking is that strong to severe storms will be possible during the late afternoon and evening hours in Kansas. Otherwise expect hot and dry conditions.

KSN Severe Threat 2013.pngTODAY

KSN Severe Threat 2013

KSN Severe Threat 2013.pngMONDAY

4:59AM We are waking up to areas of fog, which may reduce visibility to around 1 mile at times across portions of Central and South Central Kansas. Use caution while driving this morning!

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