Small tornado damages Milberger

MILBERGER, Kansas – A weak tornado impacted the small Russell county town of Milberger Thursday.

“You know it’s kind of shocking, thank God it was a minor tornado,” said Marty Radke, a salesman at Radke Implements.

A few workers at Radke Implements were still at work around six thirty when the storm hit.

“It came over the trees and over the house and came straight for me, I sat there in the shop trying to close the door, and it didn’t work out too well,” said Bryce Sidebottom, who filmed the tornado.

The tornado that came through wasn’t a very strong one but it did bend some side panels of equipment and it busted out several windows, including combine and tractor windows, and each of those windows take between fifteen hundred dollars and twenty five hundred dollars to replace.

The tornado also pulled shingles off some roofs, the estimate of the damage is around ten thousand dollars.

“Oh yeah this is pretty minor, just a couple days worth of work it can be fixed, nothing significant,” said Radke.

It did create for an unusual night at work for Marty and Bryce. One they won’t soon forget.

“Definitely weird, you don’t see that on an everyday basis, normally a lot of hail and rain come with the tornados,” Radke said.

“I was surprised seeing it with all the clear sky, where it came from the south it was all clear,” said Sidebottom.

The Russell County Emergency Manager is sending in video of the tornado to the National Weather Service.

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